About Us

Gergili LLC was established in 2002 in Georgia, in Tbilisi. Since its foundation, the popularity of Gergili LLC has increased significantly throughout the country. The company has many years of experience in Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety consulting services.

The company’s consulting services include experience in international and national projects. Gergili team participated in various infrastructural, energy-related, road building/restoration, water supply system, marine and agricultural projects, such as the construction of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port, the Underground Gas Storage Project, the construction of the Alaverdi 220 kV Transmission Line, the construction of the Lakhami Hydroelectric Power Plant and others.

Gergili is a group of forward looking professionals with relevant experience and aspirations.

Our mission

Gergili Health, Safety & Environmental Company has been a leading provider of HSE consulting services for the last two decades. Our company is committed to improving environmental, health and safety standards and performance throughout Georgia. Gergili intends to play a major role individually and collectively with other structures to help identify problems and take actions in the industry. Our purpose is to deliver solutions envisaged by the requirements of international and national HSE standards.

We help our clients to utilize their resources efficiently. Gergili team is driven by passion to take on projects that matter. Our company is open to new ideas with the aim to create a bigger and better change for society and the environment.

We focus on protecting our clients. We care about the environment and your safety.

Our experience

Environmental Services 87%
Occupational Health and Safety 75%

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