Occupational Health and Safety

In accordance with the requirements of the Organic Law of Georgia on Occupational Health and Safety #270000000.04.001.017910, 19/02/2019, Gergili LLC provides Occupational Health and Safety services for all types of economic activities.

The company has many years of experience in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, therefore offers the following services:

Establishing and managing an Occupational Health and Safety System

Certified Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Services, Preparation of Documentation, General Audit, Periodic Audit / Monitoring, Trainings / Toolbox Talks.

Assessment of the risks and dangers in the workplace

Assessment of the risks in the workplace according to national and international standards, planning and controlling of preventive measures.

Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Visit of Occupational Health and Safety experts, workplace inspection and evaluation, consultations.

Preparation of Occupational Health and Safety documentation:
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Plan;
  • Risk Assessment Document;
  • Safe Working Procedures;
  • Inspection Forms;
  • Emergency Response Plan;
  • Fire Safety Plan;
  • Accounting Logs.
Trainings and Toolbox Talks:
  • Initial Toolbox Talks;
  • Periodic Training;
  • Fire Safety Training;
  • Emergency Response Training;
  • Working at Height Training;
  • Various instruction / training depending on the activity.
Measurement and evaluation of physical factors (with calibrated tools)
  • Speed of air movement;
  • Air temperature;
  • Relative humidity;
  • Heat radiation;
  • Dust;
  • Wind speed;
  • Noise level;
  • Vibration level;
  • Lighting level (natural, artificial).
Arranging the facility in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards:
  • Determining Warning Signs;
  • Preparation of an Evacuation Plan;
  • Ergonomic Arrangement of the Workspace;
  • Defining individual and collective protection equipment;
  • Determining and providing fire safety equipment and supplies.
Conducting preventive measures against Covid-19

Arranging the workspace in accordance with international and national regulations and recommendations, taking into account the following measures:

  • Developing an emergency action plan;
  • Defining and securing signs;
  • Toolbox Talks / Trainings;
  • Developing accounting forms and journals;
  • Developing safety instructions.
Disinfection Service
  • According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the effectiveness of the solution is confirmed by the Lugar Laboratory;
  • The solution is highly effective against the coronavirus in the existing epidemic; destroys other viruses and bacteria.
Evacuation Plan
  • Preparation of an Evacuation Plan

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