Occupational Health and Safety

In today’s climate of heightened awareness of health and safety risks and strong regulatory oversight, it is a fundamental business practice to maintain a safe and healthful workplace to reduce business risk and to improve relations with investors, employees, and communities. A properly designed health and safety management program will help achieve these goals The direct and immediate benefits are managed risks, cost savings, more efficient operations, competitive advantage and the very positive and elite perception that comes with a truly effective safety program.

“Gergili” has extensive experience developing cost-effective compliance approaches to the requirements of a multitude of regulatory agencies, as well as many other local and state agencies. “Gergili” has designed and implemented programs for Chemical Hygiene, Chemical Storage, Industrial Hygiene, Radiation Safety, Biosafety, Hazardous Waste, Life and Safety, and Ergonomics. Our training, compliance audits, on-site support, and process evaluation services help you improve efficiency and safety, while also assisting with compliance efforts.