Gergili Personnel Fully Vaccinated 100%

❗️The spread of the coronavirus around the world posed a threat to human life and health. Pandemic initially made the processes unmanageable, which affected the economic situation. Companies faced the need to change the workflow.
❗️Inevitably, the company “Gergil”, faced the same problem. And today we are pleased to inform you about the successful policies of the company to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.
Georgia, March 2020: At the very first stage, the company shared international experience and, in accordance with national regulations, moved to a fully remote work process. Due to the specifics of the job, the situation turned out to be unusual, however, in the very first days, the company’s management developed a pandemic management plan, which led to effective results:
✔️An online platform was selected for the company’s internal communication, which is still being used successfully at this stage.
✔️Office space was arranged in accordance with national and international recommendations
✔️Informative materials were developed and employees attended the company’s training regarding workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vaccination process:
✔️Employees of “Gergili” were actively involved in the vaccination process at the very first stage.
✔️All employees of the company are fully vaccinated, except for those who were exempt on the basis of medical conditions.
✔️Since the beginning of the pandemic, only two cases of infection have been reported in the company and due to the effectiveness of vaccination, the process went without complications.
As you know, one of the directions of “Gergil” is occupational safety, therefore, during the pandemic, the company cares not only about its employees but also for the health and safety of employees from partner organizations. During the first wave of the pandemic in Georgia, the experts of “Gergil” Ltd. developed “COVID 19 – Emergency Management Plans” for partners and stakeholders. Which resulted in: training of employees, compliance and control of implementing workspace regulations, development of working procedures; These processes are still active at this stage and the company is actively consulting all interested individuals or organizations.
✅The experience of the company “Gergili” has shown us that vaccination is the most effective way to overcome the pandemic.