Gergili LLC offers a wide range of environmental services to the customer. The clients of the company are the owners and financiers of commercial facilities, power stations, various manufacturing plants, medical equipment manufacturers, printers, hospitals, universities, semiconductor equipment manufacturers, semiconductor factories and more.
Based on many years of experience, Gergili team members create quality products such as: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Environmental Audit Report (EAR).

Preparation of Screening, Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment Documentation
  • Preparation of screening, scoping and environmental impact assessment documentation in accordance with Georgian and International requirements;
  • Drafting of the maximum permissible discharge norms for pollutants discharged into surface water bodies;
  • Drafting of the maximum permissible emission discharge norms of the harmful substances into the ambient air;
  • Preparation of the Emerald Network Impact Assessment Report.
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

The company is specialized in preparation of the Strategic Environmental Assessment document in accordance with Georgian and International requirements.

Environmental Compliance Auditing

Gergili LLC ensures compliance with the terms of the environmental decision issued by the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, so as not to penalize businesses for non-compliance with the environmental conditions. The company’s services also include the preparation of environmental audit reports.

Legal Services for Environmental Issues

Legal assessment of environmental and occupational health and safety risks based on the specifics of the planned activities. Representation in legal disputes from the environmental point of view of the entrepreneurial entity.

Baseline Studies

Gergili also provides field work for environmental impact assessment processes, including:

  • Biodiversity;
  • Geology;
  • Hydrology;
  • Other physical and chemical laboratory studies.

This includes biodiversity reports such as critical habitat assessment report, appropriate assessment and emerald network impact assessment reports.

Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS)

Providing environmental and social management system – organizing the construction site in accordance with the environmental and occupational health and safety standard ISO 14001. Services include the development of an environmental and social management plan and project-related pollution, emergency, waste management, noise and vibration measurement, and other plans.

Waste Management Plan

Developing a Waste Management Plan. Agreement with the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and annual reporting to the Ministry in accordance with the requirements of the plan.

Development of Project Plans

Preparation of Reinstatement Management plans, Dump Site Management plans, Timber Registration documentation and Mine Development project in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Georgian legislation.

Conducting Environmental Training and Toolbox Talks

Gergili LLC provides service in conducting environmental and occupational health, safety training and toolbox talks. Trainings are provided by certified personal in accordance of the ISO standard of Georgian legislation. The training modules include:

  • The principles of environmental assessment;
  • The need to comply with the conditions of the environmental impact decision;
  • The importance of environmental audit;
  • Ensuring the arrangement of the construction site according to the environmental and occupational health and safety standards.