Anaklia Deep Sea Port Project

Anaklia Deep Sea Port Project is considered as one of the biggest deep sea ports in the Black Sea. The project is considered to provide cargos to the land locked Central Asian countries and it will be one of the biggest hubs for cargo transit from China as well. The project is implemented by Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC). Gergili LLC as a contractor to the consortium has obtained biodiversity baseline studies including critical habitat assessment for development of the project Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Report prepared by Royal Haskoning DHV. Gergili LLC has also developed Anaklia Deep Sea Port Bulk Terminal Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment Reports in accordance with the national legislation. The Company carried out monitoring of the underground and surface waters of the project as required under the Ground Water Monitoring Plan, including installation of Piezometers.


Start Date: Mar 2016

End Date: Oct 2019

Country: Georgia

Client: Anaklia Development Consortium

Origin of Funding: Anaklia Development Consortium