Akhalkalaki Hydropower Plant Project

The construction of Akhalkalaki Hydropower Plant Project is planned in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region of Georgia. The total installed capacity of Akhalkalaki HPP is 9.1 MW, including: installed capacity of Akhalkalaki HPP 1 is 7.5 MW and installed capacity of Akhalkalaki HPP 2 is 1.6 MW.

The project is located on Paravani and Korkhi Rivers.

The project is implemented by AIS LLC and constructed by “Infra Construction – TK Group”. Gergili LLC is involved in providing Environmental Services for AIS LLC. The primary role of the Gergili LLC is to develop Topsoil Management Plan, Stockpile Management Plan, Re-cultivation Plan and Tree Inventory documentation for AIS LLC.


Start Date: Sep 2020

End Date: Ongoing

Country: Georgia

Client: AIS LLC

Origin of Funding: Cerberus Capital Management