Company profile


“Gergili” is a Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and engineering consulting company. The services include preparation of all necessary documentation for obtaining environmental permit from state authorities, HSE management or assistance in the implementation of projects on the cost saving basis.

“Gergili” can assist asset owners or local governments with an in-depth feasibility study and technical assessment of potential emission reductions. With support from our technical partners we have specific technical expertise in a wide array of the emissions reduction technologies.

For Kyoto qualification “Gergili” partners with project owners and municipalities to produce Project Idea Notes, Project Design Documents, Host Country Letters of Endorsement and Approval, Validation and all other documentary requirements leading to CDM Executive Board approval and issuance of Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERU).

The company joined a group of experienced engineer-ecologists, waste management experts, geologists, geographers and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists, lawyers and financiers.

Highly qualified experts of the company have the extensive experience in projects of international and national importance such as: the Baku-Supsa Pipeline (WREP); the Baku-Tbilisi-Geyhan (BTC) pipeline; South Caucasus Gas Pipeline (SCP); Establishment of water supply and decontaminating systems for different industrial enterprises in Georgia, preparation of documentation packages needed for an environmental permit forPEPSI company financed by EBRD.

“Gergili” experts were actively involved in evaluation and review of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments of the above projects, baseline studies as well as in the selection process of BTC/SCP pipelines routs.

The company experts were also involved in the monitoring activities of a SamgoriBatumi unused oil pipeline de-oiling process.

Since 1996 our experts have collaborated with different international institutions (UNDP, Tacis, World Bank, TDA, USAID) and high-profile international companies (BP, SNC-LAVALIN, OTC Capital, Kvearner John Brown, EvironSearch International, URS Beicip-Franlab, G&Fint, RoyalHaskoning, etc.).

In year 2005 “Gergili” had fruitful collaboration with CHF (USAID), our company was involved in the portable water supply projects for the several villages of different regions in Georgia. Our company carried out the site environmental assessments, prepared relevant documentation and submitted the document package to MoE for the environmental permit obtaining.

In year 2007/2010 was involved in number of projects: 1. Borjomi water supply and sewage system rehabilitation (EBRD); 2. Bakuriani water supply and sewage system rehabilitation (EBRD); 3. Environmental screening of Namakhvani hydro power plant (Hidroproecti); 4. Environmental screening and environmental baseline study of Dzegvi hydro power plant (JSC Caucasus Energy & Infrastructure); 5. Preparation of additional documents requested by Ministry of environment protection and natural recourse on water abstraction and discharge limits, waste management plan, as well as supporting main environmental contractor Encon LLC (Turkey) in editing of the report in accordance of the requirements of Georgian Legislation (Mtkvari HPP LLC).

“Gergili” is a contractor of the ,Ashtrom International LLC and ,Papenburg/Black Sea Group JV in the Samtsjke-Javakheti Road Rehabilitation project (MCC financed), providing field supervision, relevant document preparation and submission (Environmental Impact Assessment, HSE Method Statements, Environmental Management Plans, Implementation of HSE Plan and etc) and staff training.

During the period between 2009 and 2010 “Gergili” worked for Kocks Consult GmbH providing environmental consultation. “Gergili” was responsible for preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment for Rikoti-Shorapani and Samtredia-Tskaltsminda Highways. Company also was in charge of preparing additional environmental documentation requested by MCG. Moreover “Gergili” was a member of supervision consultant team for Tsalka-Nardevani road rehabilitation project.

In 2010 “Gergili” was in charge of conducting Environmental Impact Assessment for bypass road of Sveneti-Ruisi section of the E60 Highway (financed by the World Bank).

Currently “Gergili” continues cooperation with Papenburg/Black Sea Group JV by planting tree nurses along the rehabilitated Lots on Samtskhe-Javakheti project and at the same time is involved in the feasibility study of Samtredia-Grigoleti and RikotiShorapani Road Rehabilitation Projects, preparing Environmental Impact Assessments for these projects. Company is preparing EIA for Mtskheta and Dusheti suwage system rehabilitation and waste water treatment plants under the Municipal Development Fund.

Acknowledging their contribution to the implementation of the Baku-Supsa Early Oil Export Pipeline some of our experts were awarded by President of Georgia with Medals of Honour.